Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah (2013 Projects Completed)
Project Summary

Project Start Dates:


Our 2013 projects at Bryce Canyon National Park have been completed.


The 2014 Volunteer Vacations calendar is currently being finalized. Please visit us again soon for the new project start dates.


We still have projects on Catalina Island



Project Duration:




Travel options after Bryce Canyon NP

After completing the ACE Volunteer Vacation Bryce Canyon NP volunteers have several options. A return shuttle can be taken back to Las Vegas. from St George where volunteers can spend some additional time. However, it is recommended that whilst in the area the opportunity is taken to visit some of the other National Parks in the region. Wicked Desert Experience provide a hop on/ hop off shuttle service that connects you to some of the best national parks, cities and activities in the southwest. Wicked Desert Experience will also provide a 10% discount to participants of ACE Volunteer Vacations.


Alternatively, if several volunteers wish to travel together, there is the option of sharing the price of a rental car from St. George. If this is required the ACE representative would be happy to provide advice.














Bryce Canyon National Park, in the south-western state of Utah, offers visitors magnificent views of its unique geology. Although Bryce Canyon was not carved by flowing water (like the Grand Canyon) and technically is not a canyon, water is still responsible for sculpting the amazing shapes through the processes of frost-wedging and chemical erosion. The effect of these processes on the colourful limestone rocks has led to the formation of extraordinary shapes including narrow canyons, windows, fins, and tall, thin spires of rock called hoodoos.


The lowest point at Bryce lies at 2018m (6620ft) and the highest at 2778m (9115ft). As such Bryce transcends more than 650m (2100ft) of elevation and exists in 3 distinct climatic zones. This provides a wealth of biodiversity with over 100 species of birds, tens of mammals and more than 1000 plant species living in the park.


The high elevation of Bryce means that even during the summer months visitors can enjoy a comfortable climate in an otherwise hot part of the US. Between May and August the weather is predominately sunny with daytime temperatures ranging from 16c to 25c (60F to 77F) and night time lows of between 0c and 7c (32F and 45F).


Further information about Bryce Canyon National Park can be found at Bryce Canyon National Park dedicated website

Arrival and Pickup


ACE's Volunteer Vacation crews will stay in the park's North or Sunset Campground. Both campsites are located in a Ponderosa Pine habitat and are in close proximity to the visitor center and the geologic wonder that is the Bryce Ampitheater. Drinking water and bathrooms with flushing toilets are available at both locations. Coin-operated showers and laundry machines can be found at the general store nearby at a cost of $1 to $2.

Volunteers will need to make their way to St. George, Utah by 1:00pm on the first Monday of the project where they will be met by an ACE representative and transported to Bryce Canyon National Park.


To get to St. George, it is first recommended that volunteers fly into Las Vegas' McCarran airport (LAS). This airport is at the end of the world famous 'strip' so an early arrival may provide an opportunity to experience this before joining the ACE Volunteer Vacation program.


Las Vegas is approximately 200km (120miles) from St George. The St. George Express ( provides a shuttle bus service between Las Vegas and St. George for $34 ($55 return). This service departs from the Terminal 1 Baggage Claim of LAS. In order to make the 1:00pm meet in St. George, volunteers will need to take the 7:00am or 9:30am shuttle from LAS.


The final destination for the St. George Express is the America's Best Value Inn, 915 S. Bluff Street, St George. This is the location where the ACE representative will be available to meet volunteers at 1:00pm.


After greetings and introductions, the ACE representative will drive you to Bryce Canyon National Park. This journey will take up to 3 hours but will offer stunning views along the way. A stop will be included to break up the journey.


Upon arrival at Bryce Canyon National Park volunteers will be provided with a tent and the group will set up camp together before preparing dinner and settling down for the first night.

Daily Schedule
Weekend Recreation

Daily Schedule - Week 1

On Tuesday the volunteers will be provided with a full orientation, safety briefing, and overview of the conservation projects to be undertaken during the service. After lunch the volunteers will start their volunteer service, as required by the Park Service. The exact nature of the service will very much depend on the current requirements of the park but can include removal of invasive species, repairs to fencing, and light trail work. For the remainder of the week the volunteers will be required to complete 8 hours of service each day, generally between 7:30am and 3:30pm. This will allow plenty of time in the evening for volunteers to explore the park, hike, take photographs or just relax and take in the inspiring views of Bryce Canyon.



Daily Schedule - Week 2

The second week will continue as the first with volunteers completing 8 hours of daily service from Monday until Thursday. Again this will involve undertaking the tasks which are required by the Park Service hosts and may include removal of invasive species, repairs to fencing and light trail work. The final Friday will be spent dismantling camp, packing all belongings and cleaning the camp site (leave no trace). The return transfer to St. George will then be provided. Upon arrival in St. George the ACE Volunteer Vacation program will come to a close.

Weekends provide the volunteers with free time to explore the area. At the end of the work day on the first Friday volunteers have several options available to them. Volunteers are welcome and encouraged to stay at Bryce and enjoy what the park has to offer. For those wishing to leave the park for the weekend there is a shuttle bus which can take volunteers to nearby Zion National Park (2hrs 45min, $82 round trip). Here you can explore what this park has to offer. For those wishing to be back in a city, the same bus continues on to St George (3 hrs, $124 round trip). The return service from both locations runs on a Sunday morning (10:00am from St George, 10:45am from Zion, 3hrs). In all cases volunteers are asked to arrive back in camp by sunset on Sunday to check in with the ACE representative.