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Join Our Corps: Available Opportunities

Listed below are available opportunities for ACE Conservation Corps Members. Please check regularly for updates.


ACE Arizona, Utah and North Carolina AmeriCorps Professional Development Internships

The ACE Arizona, Utah, and North Carolina Branches are currently accepting applications for AmeriCorps positions throughout 2014. The position description and application instructions are located within each announcement. Please contact Drew Andersen ( with any questions. Thank you.


450 AmeriCorps Professional Development Internship (National)
We are accepting applications. Start date is Sept 20th.


900 AmeriCorps Professional Development Internship (National)
We are accepting applications for positions starting Spring 2015


ACE CA AmeriCorps Professional Development Program

The position description and application instructions are located within each announcement. Please contact Marcel Coppolino at for information on our AmeriCorps positions in California


How to Apply

Please research our positions, locations, and deadlines prior to submitting your application. Applicants must follow ALL application instructions in order to be considered.


Please email your resume, cover letter, and 3 professional references (ACE graduates may only submit 1 ACE reference out of the 3) with "AmeriCorps Professional Development Internship - ACE website referred" in the subject heading of your email.


Submit your application materials to:


ACE Arizona program: Drew Andersen (

ACE California program: Carolyn Getschow (


In addition, follow these steps:

  1. Visit to create or update your AmeriCorps profile
  2. Apply to our position by selecting "search listings" and enter keywords such as "ACE AZ or ACE CA"


Please bear in mind that corps openings are highly competitive and are targeted to young adults with a demonstrated background in environmental fields and/or who have distinguished themselves in service to our country through dedicated volunteerism, with the armed forces, the Peace Corps, etc.


If you are not a permanent resident of the US, or do not have an educational background or hands on experience in a conservation-related field or in service to our country through extensive volunteerism, in the Peace Corps, or in the armed forces, we recommend that you apply for entry level opportunities in our Conservation Volunteer program. More than half ACE Conservation Corps members started with our organization as Conservation Volunteers, excelled in the volunteer capacity, and subsequently applied for promotion to stipended Conservation Corps positions.


We heavily prioritize successful graduates of ACE's Conservation Volunteer Program when filling Conservation Corps positions and always prefer to reward with promotions those who have represented themselves, ACE, and our agency project partners well through their efforts.


Feel free to contact Drew or Carolyn Getschow with any questions about our Conservation Corps openings.

The voice of our corps members
I am a world away from the shy person I was and much closer to the leader I want to be. Guadalupe Mountains National Park was by far my favorite project during my time with ACE. Those mountains became a home that I will never forget. Amanda McAdams
Overall, I have enjoyed every aspect of ACE. I have met some awesome and interesting people from all over the world. I have learned extensive amounts of skills relating to trail building and using a chainsaw. I have travelled all over the southwest and worked in the most beautiful parks that America has to offer. I am thankful to ACE for helping grow as a person, team member, and worker. Charlie Reidinger